Why Are My Leather Shoes Creasing?

There is no such thing as crease-free leather. Contrary to popular belief, creasing on leather shoes are not an indicator of a leather's quality. When it comes to creasing, no leather shoes are spared. While certain sources of leather tend to have natural wrinkles and crease more than others (i.e. belly, shoulder), the degree of... Continue Reading →


Suede: The Wear & Care

Made from the inner layer of calfskin and treated through a sanding process, suede is manufactured to be luxuriously smooth and soft. Yet, many often steer away from suede, believing suede to be difficult to maintain. This could not be further from the truth - suede shoes are actually the easiest type of shoes to... Continue Reading →

Before we get into the tips and tricks for up keeping your leather shoes, let’s talk about the basic items you’ll need and why they are important. Shoe Trees: Makes the job easier as it holds your shoes in place when shining them. Not only are they useful during shoe shining, they absorb moisture from your... Continue Reading →

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