Outfit Ideas For CNY

We know, it’s probably a little late to talk about this year’s Chinese New Year outfit ideas when it’s just 5 days away. But hey, better late than never, right? Now let’s jump straight into these 5 outfit ideas we’ve rounded up to look chic and dapper! To begin, let’s talk about pairing these Chelsea... Continue Reading →


Why Are My Leather Shoes Creasing?

There is no such thing as crease-free leather. Contrary to popular belief, creasing on leather shoes are not an indicator of a leather's quality. When it comes to creasing, no leather shoes are spared. While certain sources of leather tend to have natural wrinkles and crease more than others (i.e. belly, shoulder), the degree of... Continue Reading →

Suede: The Wear & Care

Made from the inner layer of calfskin and treated through a sanding process, suede is manufactured to be luxuriously smooth and soft. Yet, many often steer away from suede, believing suede to be difficult to maintain. This could not be further from the truth - suede shoes are actually the easiest type of shoes to... Continue Reading →

Shoe Trees: Do I REALLY need them?

I have heard many say that shoe trees are merely fanciful accessories for your dress(y) shoes, unconvinced of its use. Some have told me that purchasing a pair of shoe trees is too much for a wallet that is already empty from investing in a pair of dress shoes. Besides, there are cheaper alternatives out... Continue Reading →

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